I'm fifteen.

I'm going to try to write in english.

Yesterday it was my birthday number fifteen! For be sincere, i thought it was to be the worst day of the year because all my birthdays happens something bad. but it didn't happened. It was a wonderful day with my friends and family. At noon came my best friends and they made me a surprise! They gave me "The complete series of Harry Potter" , my two best firends gave me apart the book "The Hunger Games" and my beautiful friend Lu, a pillow of Slytherin <3. I love all of them. Thank you so much!. After we went to the pool and we had a funny afternoon. Later, I went to hairdressing and more later I came back to my home. There, my family was waiting for me while I was changing of clothes. It was a awkward moment when I went dawn the stairs because all my family were met there, with their cameras and they were taking photos to me. Agh, bad moment.  After everything else it was good.

oh this is ridiculous but well, I'll still trying to write english better everyday.

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